EP Panel Debate in Maastricht

 Following an initiative by the CEU Center for European Union Research (CEUR) a group of students from the Department of International Relations and European Studies and the Department of Public Policy who took this year's CEU Jean Monet Module on European Integration submitted questions to the front runners in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

Professor Uwe Puetter publishes new paper on the European Council

Professor Uwe Puetter publishes a new policy analysis paper on the European

Council. In a contribution for the European Policy Analysis series of the

Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS) Puetter discusses the

central role of the European Council in European Union decision-making. You

can access the paper here.

CEU Center for European Union Research faculty team launches new research on EU citizenship

Three faculty members of the CEU Center for European Union Research (CEUR) participate in the new European research consortium “bEUcitizen”. The consortium, which brings together 26 universities, was successful in a joint bid for a 6.5 million EUR research grant under the European Union Seventh Framework Programme. The interdisciplinary project, which involves research from legal studies, sociology political science, history and economics, aims to study the implementation and practice of European Union (EU) citizenship. The consortium is led by the University of Utrecht.

CEUR Faculty Uwe Puetter is guest speaker at the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies

Uwe Puetter  (CEUR/DPP) is a guest speaker at the
seminar series of the Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies (SIEPS)
in Stockholm on 8 October 2013. His talk "The European
Council - the Union's new power centre" is followed by comments from Jonas
Tallberg, Professor of Political Science, Stockholm University and Katarina

Martin Kahanec's latest working paper out on labor mobility in the EU

Martin Kahanec has just released a new working paper under the title 'Labor Mobility in an Enlarged European Union'. 

Read the full article by clicking here.

Patryk Pawlak's latest working paper out on networks in transatlantic homeland security cooperation

Patryk Pawlak has just released a new working paper under the title "Networks in transatlantic homeland security cooperation: from a metaphor to an analytical tool". 

Read the full paper by clicking here.


The quality of gender equality policies: A discursive approach

A new article has been published by Andrea Krizsan (Research Fellow at CPS and adjunct faculty at DPP) and Emanuela Lombardo (Madrid Complutense University) in the European Journal of Women’s Studies.

Article out now: The EU's rotating Council Presidency after the Lisbon Treaty

Agnes Batory and Uwe Puetter, both faculty members of the DPP and member and director, respectively, of CEUR, published an article in the Journal of European Public Policy on one of the most important drivers of European integration, the Presidency of the European Council. The Lisbon Treaty introduced significant changes to the Presidency, which now combines a permanent chair with the principle of rotation based on three member states collaborating during an 18-month period.

Europe Works on Rules, But Rules May No Longer Be Enough

Europe is a heterogeneous group of countries that have agreed to work together based on a set of rules. However, the recent economic crisis has shown these rules to be inadequate, paving the way for political decisions that have no place in a rule-based framework, and necessitating a different approach. These were some of the issues discussed at the 3rd Annual Roundtable Debate hosted by CEU’s Center for European Union Research and Department of Public Policy, as well as the Hungarian Europe Society.

DPP Faculty Member Uwe Puetter gives keynote at The Second Euroacademia International Conference

Uwe Puetter gives keynote lecture on 'Europe's new intergovernmentalism and the role of the European Council' at the 'Second Euroacademia International Conference: The European Union and the Politicization of Europe' at the Mercure Budapest City Center Hotel on 6 December 2012.